Anna Taylor's Romance

Perchance to dream...

There are always more stories in my head than on the page. But a few have persisted and leapt to life. In varying stages of completion they are: 

Seventy Times Seven - (novel) -  Can a new love grow if an old love can't be forgiven? This is the first sequel to Through A Glass Darkly. After her ordeal in Through A Glass Darkly, Claire Denby struggles for wholeness and prays for love. First draft completed. Revisions started.

A Hell For the Good - (novel) - "Vengeance is mine," sayeth the Lord. But when hatred cools into cold revenge, which will prevail: the power of love or the longing for vengeance?  First draft completed and being pitched.

A Rockin' For the World - (novella) - A recovering alcoholic minister and his puppy finds love with a single mother and her daughter thanks to the truth of they discover in this Christmas spiritual during advent. First draft completed 

 The Things We Do For Love - (novella) - A contemporary rendering of Twelfth Night, set of course in Brooklyn. Complete story outlined, main characters sketched out. 

Might As Well Live - (length undecided) - A suicidal woman decides she's ready to live just when someone else thinks it's time for her to die. Rough outline developed. A few scenes written.

One Jesus Is Enough - (novel) - If you had to power to heal all diseases, but it meant you had to take them on yourself, could you? Would you? Should you? Christians who mistakenly confuse following Christ with being him is a favorite theme of mine. First draft finished.

Healing Grace - (novel) - An unplanned pregnancy provides a dissolute woman with a chance to change her life and a disabled firefighter with a way out of depression into love. novel submitted unfortunately rejected : ( . Resubmission soon.