Anna Taylor's Romance

Welcome to My Brooklyn

When you came across the Brooklyn bridge you used to see a sign, "Welcome to Brooklyn, the fourth largest city in New York" even though Brooklyn incorporated with Manhattan and the other boroughs in 1898 to form New York City then known as Greater New York. Now the sign quotes Ralph Cramden, Brooklyn's most famous fictional bus driver, "How sweet it is."

As I share my love for Christ, His kingdom and romance in my novels and novellas, I will introduce you to the Brooklyn I know and love. In time I hope you'll grow to know and love it too. 


This is a picture of my block at winter. My photo gallery will be filled with familiar and unfamiliar Brooklyn sites. Ever the intrepid (if inept) photographer, I will even hunt down a landmark or location you'd be interested in seeing. Contact me and let me know.

Again welcome to my Brooklyn.