Anna Taylor's Romance

To stop the theft of millions a kidnapped accountant and a backslidden doctor form an alliance that grows into love renewed and faith restored.


New edition coming soon in 2018

How do you prove the face in the mirror is you when everyone insists it's someone else?

No one believes Roxanna Mitchell isn't Claire Denby, a millionaire's mentally unstable wife. Dr. William McCoy, her only potential ally, certainly doesn't--and doesn't intend to. Playing good samaritan cost him his medical license and his faith. He refuses to step in now, especially when a wedding album full of photos shows she's lying.

Roxanna's only defense? God called her by name when she gave her life to Christ. That name was Roxanna. No matter what those pictures show, she insists she's not Claire. William remains unconvinced, and Roxanna almost gives up...until events force them into an alliance that will either lead to the truth or their deaths.